The Multivex Group

Multivex is multinational human resources consulting firm with offices throughout Central America, Mexico, United Sates, South America and the Caribbean. Established in in 1983 and headquartered in San José, Costa Rica. We attend more than 750 companies in Costa Rica, from offices in San José. With extensive experience in Human Resources and Support Services, offering innovative workforce solutions, creating and delivering high-impact solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness.

The focus of Multivex's work is on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business. Multivex works across all industries finding people for every level of an organization.

Offering outsourcing solutions; creating and delivering services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work. The company provides a wide range of services including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment, employee assessment and selection, training, outplacement, outsourcing, consulting, and coaching.

By the year 2000, Multivex structured a network of offices to extend our services Central America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. Each office is managed by native professionals of each country, with a great knowledge of the local market.

As of today, Multivex attends over 750 companies in Costa Rica and more than 500 employees and a network of over 40 branches, in over 20 countries in Central America, Mexico, United Sates, South America and the Caribbean.


To help organizations achieve and maintain a leadership position in the industry by supporting Recruiting, Staffing and Outsourcing. To achieve our mission we will provide the full spectrum of industry – specific recruiting, consulting, and measurement services that organizations need to achieve and maintain their leadership position. We will do it through friendly, caring people who give responsible and flexible services to our customers.


To be recognized as the most talented, knowledgeable, and effective Regional Company in the fields of Recruiting and Outsourcing.

Human Resources

Global Headhunting

We listen, analyze and understand our client’s needs, then research and qualify candidates using proprietary methods customized to client requirements. Combining our extensive contact network of recruiters in Latin America, United States and Europe, with our leading edge commercial intelligence techniques, we can find the right executives that can make the difference for your organization, wherever they are located in the globe. By the characteristics of these types of assignments, they are only handled by the Director of each office for this service; we accept assignments for positions with annual compensation packages of $60.000 and above.

Bilingual or Spanish only Receptionists
Messenger / Collector / Driver
Accountant / Accountant Assistant
Credit and Collection Agents
Office Clerks
Sales Agent
Computer Operators / Data Entry
Electronic Technicians / Electro Mechanics

Associate Personnel

There are several reasons that can make our Associate Personnel System, an excellent solution for your staffing needs.
- Headcount limitations in Multinationals
- Foreign Companies that do not want to incur in Labor Related Risks
- Companies without Legal Entities in a particular Country
- Companies that want to concentrate in their Core Business
- High Rotation Positions.
- Under this practical program, we hold your employees in our payroll, while your company keeps all the operative control with great flexibility . We accept Open Agreements starting with as few as One Employee.
- We have extensive support programs, saving plans, and special incentives for our Associate Personnel, to make sure they feel peaceful and secure.

Temporary positions

When your company requires any kind of temporary personnel, for one day, one week, one month or one year, our Temps Service is the best solution. The principal advantage of this system is that your company does not incur in any labor related responsibility with these employees. When the contract is finished, you are not required to pay any additional labor related expenses. Your company only receives an invoice of our company for the contract of services.
Our Temps have: - All Labor Related Benefits mandated by law in each country. - Sickness and Accident Insurance

Additional months: If you keep or terminate the employee, there is always an important reduction in the total cost during the first year.

Payroll Management

Our proprietary Human Resources and Payroll Management Software, developed by our sister company AMBI, PlanillasOnline is specially designed to process any type of payroll. We can process your payroll and pay your employees' salaries (by check, electronic transfers or cash) in any currency you select (local , U$ dollars or Euros). We take care of all the required reporting, payments, deposits and deductions, according to the local laws of each country. We handle a variety of insurance plans, according to the regulations of each country.. We can manage your travel and expense accounts, car leasing programs, incentives programs, and any other specific need your company could have.


Your company can convert any fixed expense to a variable expense, using our Outsourcing Services.

Some activities suitable to be contracted as Outsourcing are:
- Customer Service
- Secretarial Services
- Record Keeping
- Data Entry
- Accounting

Human Resources Desk

This is the most revolutionary solution to transform totally or partially your Human Resources Department.
For a fixed monthly fee, we conduct the most common Human Resources tasks for your company from any of our offices:
- Recruiting and Staffing
- Personnel Management
- Payroll Processing
Using this service, you can have a modern and efficient system for all your Human Resources needs at a fraction of what it would cost you to set it up internally in your company..
This program is designed for:
- High Rotation Positions
- Small Companies that require Professional Management of Human Resources but do not have the required funds to run their own HR Department.
- Big companies that prefer to concentrate their attention in their Strategic or Core Business.


We provide professional models for your presentations or events.
Our models are educated, have a college level, excellent presentation, and they are prepared to interact with the public in a professional manner, in accordance with the image of your company.
In other words, we offer more than a "pretty face".

Displays and Product Demonstrators

When you consider handling your products in the supermarkets, we arrange an extensive variety of solutions for your company, we are here to help you, in any of the following three modalities::
Associate Personnel
Complete Project
Condominium Program

Associate Personal.- We hold your personnel in our payroll, keeping your company total control and supervision of the display and exhibition program.

Complete Project.- We manage, control and supervise your display and exhibition program, according with your marketing, distribution and exhibition plans.

Condominium Program.- We arrange four to six companies with no competitive products, and establish a joint display and exhibition program, using the same sales points, resulting in a substantial saving for each participating company.


Our exclusive Program of "Trained Cashiers" allows you to hire trained cashiers, that attended an special training program in this field, so they can immediately start producing results for your company.
This Program is specialty designed for:
- Banks
- Supermarkets
- Department Store


Our exclusive "Trained Salespersons" program allows you to hire salespersons who attended a training program conducted by an expert in this field, so they can immediately start producing results for your company..
This program is specially designed for:
- Distribution Companies
- Importers
- Service Companies
- Financial Institutions
- Insurance Companies

Marketing Services

Call Centers

We offer the following Specialized Services for Call Centers
- Recruiting and Staffing
- Outsourcing for Work Stations
- Complete Outsourcing

Recruiting and Staffing.- We recruit and select telephone operators in any language and manage them in any of our modalities (Associate Personnel, Temps or Temps to Permanent)
Outsourcing of Work Stations .- We run complete work stations in our own facilities, giving the maximum flexibility to our clients.
Complete Outsourcing .- We can manage your complete Call Center , in your or our facilities.

Help Desk

We have a variety of solutions for all the Support Needs of our clients.
We can run Support Programs in the following modalities:
- Physical Stations in Specific Points
- Telephonic Support with 800 Lines
- Internet Support

Telephone Surveys

The best way to measure market tendencies, consumer preferences, and commentaries from clients, is through small surveys. The low cost of these projects permits to repeat them periodically, which improves the quality of the information obtained, making them superior and more useful, than expensive market research done with traditional methods.
Telephone Surveys can be used to measure:
- Brand Awareness
- Acceptance of New Products
- Service Satisfaction
- Consumer Preferences
- Advertising Recall
- Impact of Competition
We can handle Telephone Surveys in one country, or through all Central America and the Caribbean.

Events Organization

We can be in charge, totally or partially, of the organization of all your Public Relations Events:
- Presentations
- Seminars
- Meetings
- We provide the following services:
- Database Assembling / Attendants Lists
- Invitations Distribution
- Telemarketing Confirmations
- Facilities Procurement
- Food and Beverages
- Transportation
- Sound and Video
- Attendants Reception
- Entertainment
- Attendance Statistical Reports
- Follow Up
We provide this service for one country, or we can arrange it for all Central America and the Caribbean


We can manage all the logistics of your consumer promotions, under the modality of "Complete Project" or "Partial Involvement"
Some of the tasks we handle are:
- Participation Boxes Management
- Coupon Gathering
- Inbound Telemarketing
- Logistics Coordination
- Results Evaluation
We provide this service for one country, or we can arrange it for all Central America and the Caribbean


We have our proprietary CRM Software "Ambit", developed by our sister company AMBI, trough which we offer the following services:
- Database Design
- Database Maintenance
- Database Integration with Sales and Marketing Functions
With our leading edge technology, you will receive continuous updates through the internet, so you will always be working with the latest available data.
We provide this service for one country, or we can arrange it for all Central America and the Caribbean.

Customer Service

We can manage totally or partially your Customer Service Program, or if your company does not have one, we can design one for you.
We can design Client Follow Up Programs, Physical Customer Service Stations at Points of Sale, 800 Phone Lines, Internet Programs, and several other modalities.
We provide this service for one country, or we can arrange it for all Central America and the Caribbean.

Spot Checks

Are you looking for an efficient, fast and inexpensive way to review the status of the distribution and exhibition of your products at the Points of Sale?
We run fast and simple Distribution and Exhibition Spot Checks for your products in supermarkets, drugstores and other points of sale.
You can use this service in an independent manner, or combine it with the sophisticated services that specialized companies provide, in order to achieve better and more updated information.
We provide this service for one country, or we can arrange it for all Central America and the Caribbean.

Mysterious Shopper

Among the most powerful and affective resources to improve Customer Service Programs Execution, there is undoubtedly the Mysterious Shopper Program.
It is amazing that so few companies actually use this program in Latin America.
We can design complete Mysterious Shopper Programs for any industry..
We have complete programs with the following modalities:
- Telephone Checks
- Physical Shoppers
- Combined Programs
We provide this service for one country, or we can arrange it for all Central America and the Caribbean.

Service Evaluations

We conduct complete Quality Assurance Programs and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
We provide this service for one country, or we can arrange it for all Central America and the Caribbean.

Information Systems Solutions

Information Systems Solutions

We have complete solutions for all your Information Systems needs.
From Complete Outsourcing of your Computer Department to Partial Integrations and Special Support Programs

Soft Temps

Do you need somebody to help you with the small computing tasks that interrupt and make slower your business processes?
Do you need somebody to install a computer network? Somebody to fix your equipment? Somebody to design an Access Database? Somebody to train your personnel in the use of Word or Excel?
We have an extensive network of Associated Consultants with different specialties in hardware and software..
The principal advantage to hire then through us is that you will be dealing with capable and responsible persons.

Support Services

Company Installation

Welcome to:
- El Salvador
- Honduras
- Nicaragua
- Costa Rica
- Panama
- Dominican Republic
We can provide Integral Assistance in the Startup of your company in any of these countries..
We Taylor our service to your specific needs, and include referrals with knowledgeable professionals in all specialties, so we can guaranty a smooth Take Off for your New Business Launch.

Relocation of Executives

Finally you have found the "Super Star" that will make the difference for your business.
His talent is so special that you are bringing him as an Expatriate to your Country.
Now it becomes crucial to make him feel comfortable in his new destiny, as well as his family, so they can provide support for his activities.
We offer our Specialized Executive Relocation Program.
Following are some frequent features of this Service:
- Familiarization Program with Assigned Guide
- Initial Lodging and Transportation
- Housing Assistance
- Residence and Working Permit
- Household Customs Clearing Assistance
- Schools
- Shopping Guidance
- Clubs
- Spousal and Family Activities Organization

As a final product of this service, we will deliver a "happy executive", that will rapidly integrate to his new environment, with the support of his spouse and family, so he will be ready to concentrate in his work and in making the difference for your company.


Does your company have a valuable executive that is near to end his cycle, after long years, with a history of important contributions to your company as a result of his involvement and loyalty?
Would you like to give him something more than a check and the golden watch to show your gratitude?
Would you like to start a new tradition in your company to make the difference?
Our Taylor designed Outplacement Program includes a complete and objective evaluation of the skills and potential of this executive, to help him to reorient his new life.
We assign a coach to work with this executive in a strategic plan, evaluating all the possible options.
Finally, we provide all the support services needed for the implementation of his plan


Human Resources Projects

We have a network of Associate Consultants to implement any type of Human Resources Projects.
Our most frequent projects are:
- Organizational Climate Diagnostic
- Employee Satisfaction Survey
- Job Descriptions
- Compensation Analysis
- Human Resources Strategic Planning


Training Programs

We have a network of the best Associate Trainers for the implementation of Training Programs in your company.
Our most frequent training programs are:
- Salespersons Training
- Motivational Programs
- Simulations and Management Games

Specialized Services

Legal Services

We have a network of the best Attorneys specialized in Administrative and Labor Related Cases.


We have alliances with the best Accounting Firms in each country for your necessities.
We offer from Complete Outsourcing to specific Audits and Tasks


We offer the following specialized services:
- Current Collection Service
- Recovery of Aging Accounts
- Judicial Procedures

Current Collection Service
Our service can consist only in telemarketing calls for preparation and verification of account receivables, or we can take care of the complete process, including physical collection and deposits to client's bank account.
Recovery of Aging Accounts
Aging accounts and clients that refuse to pay.
Judicial Procedures
When everything else fails.


Domain Registration

Our sister company AMBI is a fully accredited Domain Wholesaler for .com .net and . org domains.
We have direct access to Internic's database, so we offer real time domain registrations.

Web Hosting

We offer several Web Hosting alternatives in our own Dedicated Web Servers located in the US.


We have our own E-mail Server through we offer a variety of email solutions to clients in the region.




PlanillasOnline - Human Resources and Payroll Processing Software

Easily take control of all the Administrative Tasks of your employees and easily process Payroll Related Tasks.
Dynamically controls each employee including complete integration of digital filing.
Payroll by department or by profit center.
Calculates automatically Termination Payments, according to local labor laws for each Country